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What to Expect

Please review the 2021-2022 Season tab prior to completing your pre-registration, as there are changes & updates to the format this season! It is important to note that practices may be late in the evenings due to gym availability. We are doing our best to keep the younger athletes at the earlier times when they are available.

1. Registration Info

Registration for winter is closed!

Registration For Spring is now open!!!

  • Spring registration will close 1 week prior to spring tryouts!
  • Athletes should register for the highest division they are wanting to play. A $100 non-refundable deposit for winter and/or spring season is due at the time of registration.
    • For example, if you want to travel to competitive tournaments similar to what we have offered in the past, but do not want to travel as much or as far as the Open Division, you will select Regional Division as your choice. If you want to grow your skill level but cannot travel this season, you will select Club Division.
  • There will be NO waitlist!!! However, you must still register PRIOR to starting tryouts! Due to the change in format this season, we will be able to provide something for everyone! 

USAV Age Definition Chart

Click here to view age divisions by birthdate.

2021-2022 Season Fees

  • Season Fees:
    • Winter:
      • Open: $660.00
      • Regional: $532.00
      • Club: $150.00
    • Spring:
      • Open: $698.00
      • Regional: $482.00
      • Local: $354.00
      • ​​​​​​​Club: $150.00
  • The non-refundable season deposit of $100 per season will be collected online at the end of your registration. This will be applied to your total season fee. The remaining balance will be collected after each season tryout and team selections via check, cash or online payment.
    • Please note: If you are registering for BOTH Winter and Spring seasons, you will pay the initial deposit for both seasons ($200 total) upon completion of this registration.
  • Payment Options for remaining season fee:
    • Paid in full following tryouts/team selections.
    • Payment Plan:
      • Winter Payments:
        • Payment 1 of 3: due December 15th or the first week of tryouts
        • Payment 2 of 3: due January 15th
        • Payment 3 of 3: due February 15th
          • Payments must be made by due date in order to participate in the next scheduled tournament.
      • Spring Payments: 
        • Payment 1 of 3: due March 20th or the first week of tryouts
        • Payment 2 of 3: due April 10th
        • Payment 3 of 3: due May 1st
          • Payments must be made by due date in order to participate in the next scheduled tournament.

There will be a $50 discount from you SPRING season payment for registering for BOTH winter & spring seasons! Registration for both must be completed at the same time in order to receive the discount!

NCR/USAV requires athletes to register and pay for their membership ($50) with the organization on their own. Once your registration with CVC is complete, you may complete your registration for NCR (our region within USA Volleyball). Completing this registration is required to participate in tournaments. Upon completion you will be able to begin your online officials' training for the season! 


2021-2022 Fundraisers:

  • TBA!