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What to Expect

Please review the 2019-2020 Season tab prior to completing your registration! It is important to note that practices may be late in the evenings due to gym availability. We are doing our best to keep the younger athletes at the earlier times when they are available.

A parent handbook will be available to you soon!

Please follow steps 1-3 to complete your registration & trainings for this season!

1. Registration Info

Registration is currently closed!! If you are still interested in playing spring season, please email with the following information to get on the waiting list:

  • Athlete First Name
  • Athlete Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Grade
  • Position, if known

We do our best to let in all of our waiting list, depending on numbers and coaches, and in the past have been able to let in most, if not all.

For middle school athletes, we go by grade level for registration, please register as follows:
8th grade - 14s Division
7th grade - 13s Division
6th grade - 12s Division

5th graders may register for the 12s division. If we receive enough registrations we will split into an 11s division for them!

NCR is requiring athletes to register and pay for their membership ($50) with them on their own (previously this was taken care of by the club). As a result, there is a slight decrease in our season fee! This is only required once per season, so if you play both winter and spring, you only need to register with NCR once.

There is a $50 discount for registering for both winter & spring seasons. Must register at the same time! Discount will NOT be valid on late spring registrations.

Once your registration is complete, you may complete your registration for NCR (our region within USA Volleyball). Completing this registration is required to participate in tournaments. Upon completion you will be able to begin your online officials' training for the season! 

2. NCR Registration

Click the link below to complete your NCR/USA Volleyball membership registration! This is needed in order to participate in any tournaments and before you can complete any officiating training. You will only have to do this one time during the 2019-2020 season.

Make sure you are logged into your SportsEngine account (created when registering with CVC) and use the ATHLETE'S information.

When prompted for membership type, you will select: Full USAV/NCR Membership - Junior

When prompted for club name, you will select: Capital Volleyball Club - CPTAL

Allow 1-2 business days for your membership to be processed. Once processed you will be able to move on to the next step.

Be sure to fill out the Medical Release form below before our first tryout date!

NCR Membership Registration

Click here to complete your NCR/USA Volleyball registration. This is required to compete at tournaments and to complete officiating training.

3. Officiating Training (Webpoint)

Once you've allowed 1-2 business days for your NCR registration to process, click the link below to complete your online officiating training.

If you've been an NCR member in the past, log-in using the same credentials. If you've never participated with CVC or another traveling volleyball team, select "Request A Log-in".

Once you've successfully logged in to Webpoint, you will be able to complete the required officiating trainings. 

**This is a new 2-year rule term. ALL athletes must renew ALL trainings!**

**Trainings and further instructions will be available after October 31st!**

Online Officiating Clinics

Click here to complete the required online officiating clinics.

2019-2020 Season Fees

Winter Fees:

  • 17-1, 18-1 (due to attending USAV qualifier): $550
    • $425 due by tryouts; additional $125 due one week after tryouts
  • 12-1, 13-1, 14-1, 15-1, 16-1 (due to attending 3-day January Thaw tournament): $550
    • $425 due by tryouts; additional $125 due one week after tryouts
  • All other teams 12-18s: $425
  • $100 nonrefundable deposit due at registration

Spring Fees:

  • All age level (12-18s) 1s and 2s teams (due to attending AAU qualifier): $500
    • $425 due by tryouts; additional $75 due one week after tryouts
  • All other teams 12-18s: $425
  • $100 nonrefundable deposit due at registration

**There is a $50 discount for registering for both winter and spring seasons up front!** Must register for both during initial registration to qualify.

**NCR requires the ATHLETE to register for a USAV membership on her own. This registration is $50 and must be completed in order to begin officials' training and participate in any tournament. 


2019-2020 Fundraisers:

  • Both winter AND spring athletes are eligible to participate in ANY CVC fundraiser!
  • We will be selling Butter Braids & Jerky (both with a portion of the profits refunded to you for your season fees) during the winter season.
  • CVC Serve-A-Thon will take place between winter and spring seasons. Tentatively Feb. 29th/Jan. 1st weekend. A portion of donations will also go back to the athletes' registration
  • CVC Adult Capital Classic Tournament - This is a club fundraiser, athletes are expected to volunteer time to help ref, run concessions, set-up/take-down, etc. Work time can be used for NHS hours.
    • Tentative Date: December 7th & 8th.