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Board of Directors

Board of Directors for Capital Volleyball Club

Purpose-The purpose of the Capital Volleyball Club Board of Directors is to serve as a supporting organization for the Capital Volleyball Club program.  It is charted to perform the following functions:

  • To promote and publicize the Capital Volleyball Club
  • To encourage good sportsmanship and develop team unity
  • To develop and enhance a sense of pride and tradition
  • To communicate the needs of the Directors
  • To provide necessary resources to augment the financial requirements of the program
  • To provide fair and equitable resources to all age groups (12,13,14,15,16,17,18’s)

Board members meet monthly to aid in all activities needed for the program.

All voting members will serve a 2 year staggered term except for the founding year of the Board, Rotation 1 will serve a 1 year term.

            Rotation 1: Secretary, At Large Community Member 1, Parent Representative 1, Parent Representative 2, and High School Coach Representative. Rotation 1 positions shall reopen for applications every even numbered year.

            Rotation 2: Treasurer, At Large Community Member 2, At Large Community Member 3, and Parent Representative 3. Rotation 2 positions shall reopen for applications every odd numbered year.

The President and Vice-President positions will be elected annually from current sitting board members by a simple majority of votes.

1. The President or Vice-President cannot be an active coach for CVC.

2. The election of officers shall occur at the July meeting, or the first regular meeting held during that fiscal year.

Board Members

Member Role Name Term Ends
Voting Members
President Jon Aamot July Meeting 2024
Vice President Brendan Flemmer July Meeting 2024
Treasurer Rachel Allerdings Through June 2025
Secretary Brooks Sabot Through June 2024
At Large Community Member 1 Kristine Melby Through June 2024
At Large Community Member 2 Shauna Norrie Through June 2025
At Large Community Member 3 Dave Frueh Through June 2025
Parent Representative 1 Jon Aamot (Bismarck High) Through June 2024
Parent Representative 2 Travis Lutman (Century) Through June 2024
Parent Representative 3 Brendan Flemmer (Legacy/Simle) Through June 2025
High School Coach Representative   Through June 2024
Non-Voting Members
Director Carrie Christensen  
Assistant  Director (Travel Coaching) Britta Farthing  
Assistant  Director (Compliance / Academy) Erica Trom  


Board of Directors Application

Complete this form if you are interested in joining the CVC Board of Directors