General Nationals Information

Nationals will be an additional option for all spring Open teams. 

  • Those teams can vote on attending the AAU National Championships in Orlando, Florida. If a majority yes vote is received the following will occur:
    • Payment: 
      • If an Open team qualifies for a free entry to Nationals through an AAU Grand Prix tournament, athletes may be responsible for a portion of the coach & practice cost (gym rental) as well as the athlete's own travel and hotel.
      • If an Open team does not qualify for a free entry through an AAU Grand Prix tournament, but still votes to attend Nationals, athletes will be responsible for tournament entry fee ($995/team), all coach & practice costs (gym rental) as well as the athletes' own travel and hotel.
      • Finalized cost information will be released during spring season and as teams have had a chance to vote. Approximated cost is $450-700.
    • Practices:
      • Teams would practice 3x per week leading up to Nationals. We will gather athletes' schedules and do our best to create a practice plan that allows all athletes to attend at least 2 practices, if not all, each week.
    • Confirmed Nationals date will be released in October 2021. Typically, AAU National Championships are held mid to end of June.